SUMO 250


Straight Line Sumo Sac 250 Ballast Bag

The Straight Line Sumo 250 is great for adding weight both under or on top of the seats in your boat to fine tune the wake or offset the driver’s weight.

The Straight Line Sumo 250 is the perfect replacement for uncle Jerry if you don’t feel like listening to the same stories over and over while trying to enjoy a day on the water. This compact Sumo sac’s size is great for adding weight both under or on top of the seats in the cabin area.

This Sumo sac is 45″ long, 17″ wide and only 8″ tall. There are three 1″ NPT threaded ports allowing for simple integration into your factory ballast system. The Straight Line Link valve is located on the top for convenient filling and draining using the Sumo or Super Sumo portable pumps.

The Straight Line Sumo Sacs are the most flexible, puncture-resistant ballast bags available today. Sumo Sacs are made with a sandwiched, woven polyester core and have internally glued and taped seams for a nearly indestructible bag. The sandwich construction keeps them thin, so they are easy to fold up and store when not in use. Straight Line spent a lot of time measuring different boats to make sure that these square bags will fit anywhere on any boat.

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