The Big Bag 540 twin ballast bag set includes two bags that can be placed in the rear lockers of v-drives or elsewhere in the boat.

The ballast bag set, designed for the rear lockers on v-drives, have a huge impact on the wake size, without eating up all of your gas money. Constructed out of a single layer of durable material, these ballast bags are easy to fill and drain, and will stand up to anything you can throw at them.

Available for order on-line in South Africa exclusively through

SUMO still the fastest filling ballast system in the industry! Equipping your boat with SUMO means less time filling and more time riding your massive wake! All of our SUMO ballast is easy to use, durable and convenient. Sumo ballast is designed to work as a plug ‘n play option with your factory ballast system or on deck with our high speed SUMO pumps. We offer an extensive selection of ballast bags to fit any boat or budget.

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boat-ballast-big-bag-540-Twin-V-by-straightline-sportBIG BAG 540 V-TWIN BALLAST BAGS
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