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  • LiquidForce Shane Binding Closed Toe Black & GreyLiquidForce Shane Binding Closed Toe Black & Yellow

    LiquidForce Shane Binding

    The LiquidForce Shane Binding features 3D Air Mesh Tension Skin technology. The ultra-lightweight, sonic welded reinforcement panels have provide more secure upper wrapping. The Tension Skin panels feature a flex pattern that allows the lace system to pull up smoother with a contour that fits your foot even better. The Reflex liner improves comfort around your ankles and underfoot with a 3D molded Impact foam lined bottom.

    Colourways:  Black/Grey and Black/Yellow

    Available for order on-line in South Africa exclusively through

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  • LiquidForce 2020 Tao 6X Black BindingLiquidForce 2020 Tao 6X White Binding

    LiquidForce Tao 6X Binding

    The 2020 LiquidForce Tao 6X Binding has a new chassis that keeps Daniel Grant fixed to his board and a new upper that lets Daniel… Daniel. The extra comfort, control, and range of motion allow Daniel to go huge off the kickers and land with ease.  If this binding works for Daniel, it is definitely going to work for you.  The Tao 6X fits all wakeboards!

    Available for order on-line in South Africa exclusively through

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  • LiquidForce 2020 Index Binding

    LiquidForce Index Binding

    The LiquidForce Index Binding is a great binding for all levels of riding! The Index features our comfort liner, Impact EVA and a dampening mid-sole for maximum comfort felt throughout. Dual laces help you customize the fit to your individual foot. With the Index, there is no excuse for not riding!

    Available for order on-line in South Africa exclusively through

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  • LiquidForce 2020 Classic 6X Binding

    2020 LiquidForce Classic 6X Binding

    The new 2020 Liquid Force Classic 6X binding is already an instant….classic! Performance and comfort never go out of style and neither will the new 2020 Classic 6X. The Classic 6X has been updated with Impact EVA on the base of the liner as well as the 6X flex floor chassis to cushion your landings. Dual laces and a cuff Flex zone to offer customized comfort. Step in and you’ll see why this is a Classic! The Classic 6X fits all wakeboards!

    Available for order on-line in South Africa exclusively through

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  • LiquidForce 2020 Riot 6X Binding

    2020 LiquidForce Riot 6X Binding

    The 2020 LiquidForce Riot 6X Binding is the same amazing binding as the 4D but is now compatible with any board. Harley Clifford continues to charge harder and go bigger. As Harley pushes to new limits, The Liquid Force Riot 6X must do the same. The 6X Riot has an updated cushioning system. Harley can launch higher, knowing he will have a softer landing. The Riot’s one of a kind 3D molded uni-body quarter wraps your foot for secure and stable energy transmission. The Riot 6X is all you need for big cuts, monster jumps and stable landings. The Riot 6X fits any Wakeboard!

    Available for order on-line in South Africa exclusively through

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  • LiquidForce 2020 Peak 6X Binding

    LiquidForce Peak 6X Binding

    The LiquidForce Peak 6X Binding chassis system is a state of the art 6 inch wide binding.

    Created by a dream team of world class athletes and relentless designers, the 6X chassis is the foundation for new family of lightweight, comfortable and responsive bindings. The 6x chassis delivers fun and performance for boat and cable riders alike.

    Available for order on-line in South Africa exclusively through

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  • LiquidForce Transit OT Bindings

    LiquidForce Transit OT Bindings

    The LiquidForce Transit OT Bindings are tried and true… With a solid chassis, dual lace zones, impact EVA, this binding has it all. High-end features at a great value, the TRANSIT provides a custom and comfortable fit with incredible performance!

    Available Sizes:  5-8, 8-10, 10-12, 12-15

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  • LiquidForce Hitch Binding

    The LiquidForce Hitch Binding delivers flexibility and comfort in an affordable performance package. Our time tested high performance IPX chassis keeps you locked to your board and the Impact EVA in the footbed makes for smooth and soft landings.!

    Available Sizes:  8-10, 10-12

    Available for order on-line in South Africa exclusively through

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    We slimmed down the 2019 LiquidForce Tao binding to create a new sleek look and to improve the flex. The Tao features a lightweight, clean, smooth, flexing integrated liner, combined with our revolutionary 4D chassis. The Tao delivers a comfortable and responsive feel for Daniels amazing riding style. The impact EVA in the footbed allows for Daniel to go huge off the kickers and land with confidence. Packed with New 4D upgrades the Tao is better than ever.

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  • LiquidForce 4D Peak Binding for 2019

    LiquidForce Peak Closed Toe Binding

    The LiquidForce Peak Closed Toe Binding is Nico Lerchenfeld’s Pro Model.  A high-performance boot that’s very easy to get in and out of with the new, locked in, speed lacing system. This system makes the boot customized for any support and the new walk liner with the slim, more secure, Velcro closure makes this the ultimate park boot and great for boat riders as well.

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  • LiquidForce Form 4D Wakeboard binding

    LiquidForce Form 4D Bindings

    The LiquidForce Form 4D Binding is the most supportive binding in our new 4D lineup.  While this binding is our most supportive, it was designed with Flex Zones in the upper rear to keep forward and backward mobility a part of the overall ride. Combine this with the 4D FlexFloor and 45 degree angle attachments and you’ve got a binding designed to give an unparalleled connection between your board and binding!

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  • LiquidForce Trek 4D Binding

    The LiquidForce Trek 4D Binding is what we consider the flagship binding of the 4D system because it is equipped with the best of what the 4D has to offer. In addition to having the ultimate in board to binding response, the TREK 4D is our most versatile binding on and off the water as it comes equipped with our NEW Reflex Walk Liner! The removable and durable Trek Liner Bottom featuring articulated grooves provides comfortable walking and solid traction on all types of terrain. An adjustable Velcro strap opens and closes the upper back area of the binding, allowing the Reflex Walk Liner to be removed when wanted and held in place when needed. A built in “Shoe Horn” allows the Reflex Walk Liner to be removed and inserted into the binding with ease.

    R9,500.00 Select options
  • LiquidForce 2016 Harley Pro Wakeboard Binding

    LF Harley Pro Bindings

    The 2016 LiquidForce Harley Pro Binding is better than ever. The upper materials provide a more secure fit for your lower foot and a flexible backstay improves the overall wrapping of the top cuff. The fit is fine-tuned for mid to wide feet. Top to bottom updates make a great binding even better!

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  • LiquidForce Watson Pro 2016 Closed Toe Binding

    LiquidForce Watson Pro CT Bindings


    The LiquidForce Watson Pro CT Bindings continue to be Liquid Force’s most technically advanced high performance binding. The venting struts on the top cuff make it lighter and more supportive than ever. The binding fit has been fine tuned for mid to wide feet. The updated, more secure fit over the top of your foot, gives a quicker response. The updated Reflex Liner wraps better for improved comfort around your ankles. The Impact EVA liner bottom provides your foot cushioning and support.

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  • LiquidForce Raph Binding Closed Toe

    LiquidForce Raph Bindings

    The LiquidForce Raph Bindings provides the smooth predictable and stable platform Raph Derome demands. Raph’s new binding provides the support and impact protection he requires as he pushes the limits of wake boarding beyond what all of us can imagine.

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  • LiquidForce Vantage Closed Toe Wakeboard Binding

    LiquidForce Vantage Closed Toe Binding

    The LiquidForce 2015 Vantage Closed Toe Wakeboard Binding delivers top performance behind the boat and at the cable. The Vantage is purpose built for the aggressive rider that needs extra support. This year we matched the Vantage binding shell with the updated Reflex liner to improve comfort around your ankles and under-foot. The Vantage Closed Toe Binding delivers the rock solid pro performance you expect from Liquid Force

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  • LiquidForce Watson PRO Wakeboard Binding Closed Toe


    The LiquidForce Watson Pro Closed Toe binding brings you Technological Precision and Perfect Performance.  Providing fast response and just the right balance of flexibility and support.

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  • LiquidForce Ultra Closed Toe Binding 2014

    LiquidForce Ultra CT Binding

    The LiquidForce Ultra Closed Toe binding is the original hybrid binding that sets the standard for performance. The flexible and supportive TPU Super Structure combined with a lockdown closed toe shell is a package designed for power. This hybrid construction anchors you to the board for superior control, while the new Reflex Liner increases your freedom of movement.

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  • LiquidForce Watson Binding 2014

    LiquidForce Watson Binding 2014


    The LiquidForce 2014 Watson Binding is Faster, stronger, and more determined than ever…All new for 2014, the Watson Pro is our most technical high performance binding.   The Watson binding provides fast response and just the right balance of flexibility and support.   The new venting struts provide lock down lower foot support and free flowing drainage to shed water quickly as you plane up.   The new Reflex Liner improves the comfort while locking you in for direct connection to the water.


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