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  • LiquidForce Reflex Wakeskate 42LiquidForce Reflex Wakeskate 40

    LiquidForce Reflex Wakeskate


    The LiquidForce Reflex wakeskate is a unique skate that will help take your riding to that next level! The 3 Stage Rocker, soft Constant Rail Edge, and concave deck will help any rider skate like never before. Slim and lightweight, this board is a comfortable and consistent daily performer for those looking to get more serious about wake skating!

    Available Sizes:  40″, 42″

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  • LiquidForce 2020 Tao Wakeskate

    2020 LiquidForce Tao Wakeskate

    The 2020 LiquidForce Tao Wakeskate was built for Daniel Grant to be the most bombproof wake skate on the market. Whether you are hitting a dock, ledge, kicker, rails or just the wake, the TAO was designed to conquer it all. Daniel chose a Hybrid construction of 100% Paulownia wood core for consistent and lively pop, wrapped it with Liquid Rails and covered the base with Liquid Force’s exclusive Sintered Grind Base to make it stand up to whatever he or you choose to hit. The TAO offers a progressive 3 Stage rocker line and single concave belly for quick release off the water. Whether you are on top of the podium or hitting your first rail at the cable, the TAO is built to be King!

    Available Sizes:  39″, 41″

    Available for order on-line in South Africa exclusively through

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  • LiquidForce Tao Wakeskate 39

    LiquidForce Tao Wakeskate

    The LiquidForce Tao Wakeskate was designed to meet the high standards of Daniel Grant’s riding. We built our most durable, flexible, grind-able, and rip-able skate yet! The TAO features our exclusive Grind Base, a wood core, and Liquid Rails, thus bringing hybrid technology to wakeskating. A new standard in high-end wakeskates, that’s “What’s Poppin!”

    Available Sizes:  39″, 41″

    Available for order on-line in South Africa exclusively through

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