Ballast Bag Sumo Max 1000


SUMO is still the fastest filling ballast system in the industry! Equipping your boat with SUMO means less time filling and more time riding your massive wake! All of our SUMO ballast is easy to use, durable and convenient. Sumo ballast is designed to work as a plug ‘n play option with your factory ballast system or on deck with our high speed SUMO pumps. We offer an extensive selection of ballast bags to fit any boat or budget.

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The Ballast Bag Sumo Max 1000.

Our SUMO MAX FLOW valve is a new 1 ½ Inch diameter high flow version of the Sumo LINK™ system. The SUMO MAX Flow valve provides the same hassle free watertight connection to your Sumo Pump but with massive 50% LARGER intake. The Sumo MAX system is 100% compatible with the classic Sumo and Big Bag ballast systems.


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