2019 LF PEAK



If you’re looking for a board that is ready to bounce off the water, the Peak may be the board for you. Don’t take it from us, take it from Nico himself… “I personally think it has the best pop of any board out there.” Built with a full wood core for durability AND a more spring loaded flex with rebound. The unique single concave hull shape, mid body channels, and a concave beveled edge allows this board to be ridden finless and still hold a solid edge. With the LF Exclusive Liquid Rail™s and grind base, this board can take a beating on any feature. Adding to the already impressive flex pattern of this board, the FlexTrack™ system will have you more connected and in control than ever before. You won’t need to Imagine Happiness, you will Experience Happiness.

Available Sizes:  138, 142, 146

Available for order on-line in South Africa exclusively through www.wakeboards.co.za


LF Exclusive FlexTrack™TM
Hybrid Technology
Full Wood CNC'd Core
Center Concave With Edge And Tip Channels
Concaved Beveled Rail

Triax Glass Layup 
Aggressive, Three Stage Rocker
LF Exclusive Sintered Grind Base™
LF Exclusive Liquid Rail™
Compatible With Any Binding, Optimized With 4D


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2019 LF PEAK
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