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Kevin Henshaw has an unparalleled vision for creating, as recently witnessed in the building of his personal playground, Area 52. Always looking for the next way to help his crew continue to have fun progressing their riding, he personally built this playground to be a testing facility for his friends and sponsors. You can rest assured that his personal pro model is one of the most thoroughly tested in our lineup! The DELUXE, his all-terrain weapon, features an Aggressive 3 Stage Rocker, a bit more flex on the tip and tail than some of his past models, our Hybrid Technology, and an LF exclusive Grind Base for durability on the rails he builds and shreds with his friends. Mere steps away from his personal playground Area 52, is a boat lake that the Kevin and his DELUXE feel equally at home. The Edge and Tip Channels that lead from the Single Concave Hull, keep this board aggressively holding any rider on edge coming into and off the wake. If you’re looking for a board that can adapt to your environment and any riding style, the DELUXE is for you!

Available Sizes:  136, 140

Available for order on-line in South Africa exclusively through www.wakeboards.co.za

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