Syndicate Legend Inside Out Ski Glove


Syndicate Legend Inside Out Ski Glove:

Comfortable, seamless fit, and an unrivalled water-ski grip for amazing handle feel.


Available Exclusively for order in South Africa on-line on

Syndicate Legend Inside Out Ski Glove by HO Sport – Waterski legend Will Asher’s Ski Glove of Choice

Syndicate Legend Inside Out Ski Glove Features

INSIDE OUT CONSTRUCTION – Seams built on the outside for a seamless, comfortable fit

BLU TECH PALM – material for super tacky hold specifically designed for wet handle gripping

PRE CURVED FINGERS – for handle-specific functionality and supreme hand comfort.

CUBIC STITCHED PATTERN- for increased glove life and palm durability

DUAL WIDE STRETCH OPENINGS- for easy hand entry and exit for quick application and removal

VELCRO KNUCKLE AND WRIST STRAPS – for snug but safe closure with no pinch points

Available Exclusively for order in South Africa on-line on


The HO Sport team is a collection of athletes, designers and engineers, comprised of inquisitive minds, colorful personalities and critical thinkers. Known for limitless imagination and continuous innovation of products & ideas. Established in the great Pacific Northwest in 1982, their deep-rooted expertise and collective love for life on the water keeps them leading the way in watersports equipment year after year. Their rich history of creating industry defining technologies and revolutionary gear is fueled by their passion to do what they love. THEY INNOVATE so that YOU ELEVATE your game to make every single experience on the water unforgettable.

Each and every time they set out on the water the rest of the world seems to melt away. Gliding on the water and achieving that deeper sense of being.  Giving them feeling of true freedom that brings them back time after time. Whether it’s accelerating to blistering speeds between buoys, soaking up the sun while cruising on the open water or throwing the biggest trick imaginable, their appetite for adventure is never satisfied.

This is the HO SPORT Team!

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