Fiji iLand

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The Fiji iLAND is part of HO Sports iLAND collection.  Now you can literally walk on water!  Use it to lay out in the sun, let the kids play king of the hill, use it as a mobile dock to store your gear, use it as a starting platform or simply set up a lawn chair & a cooler and cast your line in the water. The options are endless.

The Fiji is 8′ x 5′ and 6″ thick. The Fiji’s dropstitch construction is so rigid and durable you wouldn’t know it’s inflatable unless you saw it being inflated. The secret to the Fiji’s stability is the ballast bags which are located under the 2 opposite corners of the Fiji. Once submerged, these ballast bags fill up with water and work amazingly well to keep the Fiji from shifting side to side and from tipping. The Fiji comes with its own electric pump which makes inflation a breeze. Simply plug the electric pump into your cigarette lighter or use the alligator clips (included) to attach to your boat/car battery, turn the dial to the desired PSI and push start. The electric pump will fill the Fiji while you are getting the rest of your gear ready for your day on the water.  The Fiji is made of the highest quality materials and is extremely durable. It’s covered against any defects for a period of 1 year, but the Fiji will surely last for many years as long as it’s cared for.

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HO Sport Fiji iLand-non-towable, inflatable iLandFiji iLand
Original price was: R19,900.00.Current price is: R17,910.00.
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