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Liquid Force Dock Ties Secure your boat quickly and easily! When you’re not running your boat don’t trust it to any old piece of rope. The Liquid Force Dock Tie is designed to hold your boat securely with just a little give. 6 Feet in total length with integrated bungee.

Liquid Force Dock Ties Secure your boat quickly and easily!

A simple elastic docking line with 6 feet of reach to cover any scenario.  Elastic docking lines are so convenient that once you experience them, you’ll wonder how you ever managed before.  These six foot long dock ties from LiquidForce feature an elastic section to maintain tension while still allowing some give to account for movement of the boat.  With loops on each end, tying up is simple, whether you use cleats, the tow pylon, tower or a handrail. Thanks to that flexibility, this docking line will accommodate nearly every scenario.  High quality UV resistant fibers give this docking line plenty of strength, while also ensuring a long life.  Note: We recommend using docking lines in pairs; one forward of the midpoint and one at end for the stern.

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Liquid force Dock TiesDock Ties
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