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  • Hyperlite 2022 Venice WakeboardHyperlite 2022 Venice Wakeboard Close Up

    Hyperlite 2022 Venice Wakeboard

    Introducing The Hyperlite Venice Wakeboard, shaped specifically to provide a solid foundation that greatly increases a rider’s learning curve. The Venice has a wider overall profile built atop a continuous rocker, delivering a smooth carving board that gets more pop off the wake due to its increased surface area. The Variable Edge Design is forgiving between the inserts but then sharpens towards the tip and tail, providing the strong edge hold necessary for generating speed into the wake. The center of the base is clean, clean water flow creates a smooth ride and softer landings, the dual tunnels easily allow water to enter and exit at the Venice’s tip and tail. Hyperlite’s Satin Flex ensures the board responds quickly and lands softly, and we guarantee you’ll feel at ease on the Venice.

    Available Size:  136cm

    Available for order on-line in South Africa exclusively through

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  • Hyperlite Cadence WakeboardHyperlite Cadence Wakeboard Hero

    Hyperlite 2022 Cadence Wakeboard

    The Hyperlite Cadence Wakeboard yields quick edge response and aggressive feel with massive pop off the wake.  The Cadence is a fast board incorporating a continuous rocker and slightly wider profile utilizing Hyperlite’s Satin Flex for female athletes. The shape includes a subtle landing feature in the belly transitioning to dual concave tunnels exiting the tip & tail for an aggressive approach to the wake. The variable edge design is bevelled between the stance platform for a forgiving feel sharpening at tip & tail for secure edging. Enjoy explosive pop off the wake and effortless carving making it easy to link tricks back to back.

    Available Size:  134cm

    Available for order on-line in South Africa exclusively through

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  • Hyperlite Prizm Wakeboard detailHyperlite Prizm Wakeboard hero

    Hyperlite 2022 Prizm Wakeboard

    The Hyperlite Prizm Wakeboard is a true women’s wakeboard!  The Prizm shares the same shape as the Murray Pro wakeboard but is laid up with Hyperlite’s lady specific Satin Flex, ensuring the board responds to the female rider in the appropriate manner. The Prizm shape begins with a Subtle 3-Stage Rocker, there is no flat spot, the rocker simply increases under foot for a colossal boost off the wake. The board’s edge is rounded between the inserts, sharpening under foot and then cupped at the tip and tail, delivering solid edge hold when you want it and forgiveness when you need it. “Enjoy Your Ride”.

    Available Size:  134cm

    Available for order on-line in South Africa exclusively through

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