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  • Hyperlite SG handle with X-Line Wakeboard Rope & Handle Combo

    Hyperlite SGHandle with X-Line

    Hyperlite’s SG Handle with X-line is a Pro Level Handle with a sublimated Stitched Grip including new lightweight end caps. SG may also reference Sticky Grip or Soft Grip, either way our new SG Packages deliver a Solid Grip

    Available  in South Africa exclusively for order through


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  • LiquidForce Comp EVA Dyneema Wakeboarding Rope Handle Combo

    LiquidForce Comp Combo

    The Liquid Force Comp combo combines performance, durability, and affordability. The Comp handle incorporates a round textured and precision cut, brushed EVA grip and ergonomically designed Comp end caps. The T6-6061 Aluminum is super lightweight and strong. The Comp is packaged with Liquid Force’s lightest Dyneema™ no stretch line to combine pro-like performance on a budget.

    Available Exclusively through in South Africa

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  • TR9 Rope Handle Combo redTR9 Rope Handle Combo green

    TR9 Rope Handle Combo

    The TR9 Rope Handle Combo is great for any up and coming wakeboard athlete that is just getting started in the sport and not looking to break the bank for a rope and handle. The 15″ TR-9 Handle doesn’t bend or flex and has built-in floats so that it sits on top of the water for easy visibility. The included static mainline is made with a polyethylene fiber for a forgiving feel without tons of stretch. The line is 65 ft. in total length including the handle and has five sections so that you can adjust it to your desired length.

    Available  in South Africa exclusively for order through


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    STR-5 Rope Handle Combo

    The STR-5 Rope Handle Combo is one of the best bang for your buck combos available.  Available  in South Africa exclusively for order through


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  • LiquidForce Team Rope Handle Combo

    LiquidForce Team Combo

    The Liquid Force Team Combo wakeboarding rope and handle combo combines durability and functionality.  No more hand fatigue or handle pop thanks to this proven ergonomically teardrop shape. The Team grip is finished off with the stout, anti-roll Team End Caps. The Team handle is packaged with the newly designed H-Braid mainline. The lines no stretch and no recoil core allows anyone to ride like a pro without breaking the bank!

    Available  in South Africa exclusively for order through


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  • LiquidForce TAO Wakeboard Daniel Grant model

    LiquidForce TAO Wakeboard

    The LiquidForce Tao Wakeboard comes equipped with Liquid Force s FlexTrack system that enables riders to take full advantage of the smooth flexing, playful feel this board offers. With a wide center concave that transitions into shaped channels below your feet, the Tao maintains stability and control without compromising its finless design.

    Available Sizes:  137, 141, 145

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  • LiquidForce PEAK Wakeboard


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  • LiquidForce Dream Wakeboard for girls



    The DREAM is designed to help your daughters progress, improve and grow as riders! The 125’s feature a sharper, more distinguished outline and a more aggressive rocker curve to attack the larger wakes with confidence and control. As the size of the board decreases, the board features size down anatomically with the shape. The various board sizes are designed specifically to help your young ripper improve and progress on the water as they continue to grow their riding at the lake or at the cable park.

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  • LiquidForce Angel Wakeboard for ladiesliquid-force-angel-wakeboard-with-plush-bindings

    Liquidforce Angel wakeboard

    A fan favorite and people pleaser, the LiquidForce Angel Wakeboard has been a staple in the LF line for years! If you’re a beginner or intermediate boat rider looking for a poppy board, the ANGEL will take your progression to the next level.

    Available Sizes:  130, 134

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