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    Liquid Force floating surf rope

    No more “running over” the rope thanks to the Liquid Force Floating surf rope. The unique foam core keeps the line afloat and away from snags, tangles and props. This floating surf rope features a machined and brushed teardrop shaped EVA grip, soft end caps and a sturdy 5/8” line. The mainline is knotted for easy gripping as you find the “sweet spot” on your wave. So tie it up, hold on and surf away!

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  • LiquidForce-knotted-surf-rope

    Liquid Force 9″ knotted surf rope

    The Liquid Force 9″ knotted surf rope features a durable EVA teardrop shaped machined & brushed grip that is comfortable and tacky. The handle has floats for extra visibility in the water and the sturdy 5/8” line is strategically knotted for gripping. Hold on and catch the wave!

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