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  • LiquidForce Pod Foil Set CompleteLiquidForce Pod 4'4 Surfer

    LiquidForce Pod Wakefoil

    The LiquidForce Pod Wakefoil Set is our wakefoil / wakesurf crossover package.

    If you’re looking for only one thing to take on the boat this summer, the Pod Foil is your ticket to nonstop fun all day long.

    The 4’4” Pod Foil board is our award winning Pod wakesurfer with the addition of our foil track system and extra reinforcement. The board comes with a quad fin set up for wakesurfing and a transition plate to allow your foil to mount directly to the board. The corduroy deck traction and additional horizontal texture breaks give you a visual and tangible aide to find the perfect foot placement.

    The 27” mast features an updated mast cross section built to minimize drag and maximize safety.

    The Glider 125 wing set gives great lift and performance on the 1st or 2nd wake. With a flat stabilizer wing, the Glider wing set turns quickly and efficiently while allowing easy pumps to endless glides.

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