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  • Liquid Force floating surf rope blueLiquid Force floating surf rope green

    Liquid Force floating surf rope

    No more “running over” the rope thanks to the Liquid Force Floating surf rope. The unique foam core keeps the line afloat and away from snags, tangles and props. This floating surf rope features a machined and brushed teardrop shaped EVA grip, soft end caps and a sturdy 5/8” line. The mainline is knotted for easy gripping as you find the “sweet spot” on your wave. So tie it up, hold on and surf away!

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  • LiquidForce 2020 Trip Index Combo

    LiquidForce 2020 Trip/Index Combo

    The 2020 LiquidForceTrip Index Combo is designed for beginner to intermediate wakeboarder.  You won’t find a better mix of performance and affordability on the market.

    The 2020 LiquidForce Trip Wakeboard has a fuller tip shape for more pop than ever before. The D-I-S-C hull has longer molded-in fins that improves control and make transitioning from novice to advanced easier when removing the center fin. Added rocker makes these new Trips perform better on today’s bigger wakes.

    The 2020 LiquidForce Index  binding is a great binding for all levels of riding! The Index features our comfort liner, Impact EVA and a dampening mid-sole for maximum comfort felt throughout. Dual laces help you customize the fit to your individual foot. With the Index, there is no excuse for not riding!

    Available for order on-line in South Africa exclusively through

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  • LiquidForce Nebula 4'2 Wakefoil Complete PackageLiquidForce Nebula 4'2 Wakefoil Board

    LiquidForce Nebula Wakefoil

    The LiquidForce Nebula 4’2″ Wakefoil board with the Aluminum Horizon 160 Foil Set is here!  With 3 angled shim plates to choose from to help dial in your personal preferences, the Horizon Foil Set is the most advance foil system to date and ready to take to you to new heights.

    Starting off with the Nebula 4’2”, this foil specific board made in our extremely durable DuraSurf construction, features a concave deck enhancing board control and feel. A Chine Rail to help release the board off the water easily and efficiently. A slight double concave that moves into a flat hull as it goes out the kicked up tail provides minimum water contact that planes efficiently to get you up to take off speed.

    The 27” aluminum mast provides a strong connection from board to foil that provides low drag in both straight flight and carving maneuvers.

    The new Bayonet mount fuselage, supplies a super secure connection to the front wing on our most hydrodynamic design yet.

    The Horizon 160 front wing provides effortless gliding and pumping. The 1600 cm^2 surface area and 78 cm wingspan give the right amount of lift to surf all wakes of all boats no matter the size.

    The TC 28 Stabilizer wing provides essential stability in the roll direction while maintaining effortless maneuverability in the yaw direction with the curved wing tips.


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  • LiquidForce Pod Foil Set CompleteLiquidForce Pod 4'4 Surfer

    LiquidForce Pod Wakefoil

    The LiquidForce Pod Wakefoil Set is our wakefoil / wakesurf crossover package.

    If you’re looking for only one thing to take on the boat this summer, the Pod Foil is your ticket to nonstop fun all day long.

    The 4’4” Pod Foil board is our award winning Pod wakesurfer with the addition of our foil track system and extra reinforcement. The board comes with a quad fin set up for wakesurfing and a transition plate to allow your foil to mount directly to the board. The corduroy deck traction and additional horizontal texture breaks give you a visual and tangible aide to find the perfect foot placement.

    The 27” mast features an updated mast cross section built to minimize drag and maximize safety.

    The Glider 125 wing set gives great lift and performance on the 1st or 2nd wake. With a flat stabilizer wing, the Glider wing set turns quickly and efficiently while allowing easy pumps to endless glides.

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  • LiquidForce Trip Wakeboard

    LiquidForce Trip Wakeboard

    The LiquidForce Trip Wakeboard will help you transition from novice to expert in no time flat with it’s flowy continuous rocker, D-I-S-C Hull technology, and removable center fin layup. A longtime industry stalwart, the Liquid Force Trip Wakeboard is a smooth performer for all ability levels at a wallet friendly price.

    Available Sizes:  135, 139, 144

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  • LiquidForce 2020 Galaxy AK edition foil

    LiquidForce Galaxy AK Edition Wakefoil

    The LiquidForce Galaxy AK Edition Wakefoil is designed to maximize your fun on the first wake.  Our most maneuverable Impulse 110 wing allows you to carve up and down the face with ease and fits perfectly into the tight pocket that is the first wake.

    The AK Galaxy Board is a performance, foil specific board with a Deep V Hull to allow for easy touchdowns and chine rails to help with release off the water.

    The 27” performance mast maximizes you flight height and the quick release collar allows for an easy and quick disconnect from the board for easy storage on the boat.

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  • LiquidForce 2020 Remedy WakeboardLiquidForce 2020 Remedy Wakeboard_142

    LiquidForce Remedy Wakeboard

    The LiquidForce Remedy Wakeboard is Harley Clifford’s Pro Model.

    This is the Remedy you have been looking for!

    With the aggressive 3 stage rocker and triple concave flowing into the venture quad channels, this board will have you ripping like Harley. The split tip shape and quad fin set up will give you control and confidence carving and edging up the wake. The M6 inserts are designed to partner with the new 6X binding or any 6” binding.

    Available for order on-line in South Africa exclusively through

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  • Liquidforce Rhyme Wakeboard 139Liquidforce Rhyme Wakeboard 144

    LiquidForce Rhyme Wakeboard

    The LiquidForce Rhyme Wakeboard is a high-performance boat board with just a touch of flex.  The CNC’d all wood core Rhyme is just that board. The single concave with quad molded-in fins that are fused into LF’s exclusive flex tip technology give this board ultimate response, rebound, and increased board feel with minimal drag. The Rhyme has a split-tip shape that further adds to improved edge hold and control. With a 3-Stage rocker, this board boosts off the steepest wakes while the flex core softens the big landings. There is a reason to this Rhyme….

    Available Sizes:  139 (Teal), 144 (Maroon)

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  • LiquidForce-Sheila-Wakesurferliquid-force-sheila-wakesurf-board action

    Sheila Wakesurfer

    The Sheila Wakesurfer

    This Liquidforce wakesurf board screams fun & creativity. The unique shape gives playfulness without sacrificing speed or responsiveness.  Call it a surf shape or whatever you want, the all-new Liquidforce Sheila wakesurf board is truly in a league of its own.

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  • liquid-force-rant-binding

    LiquidForce RANT Wakeboard Binding

    The LiquidForce RANT Wakeboard Binding is packed full of features in a smaller size.  The binding is designed to keep your little ones comfortable and secure.  Open Toe perfect for those growing feet, and to share between siblings with different sized feet.

    Available Sizes:  4 – 6

    Available for order on-line in South Africa exclusively through

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