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  • Hyperlite wakesurfer-satelliteHyperlite wakesurfer-satellite Noah Flegel

    2022 Hyperlite Satellite

    The Hyperlite Satellite Surfer – FAST AND FREE FEELING SKIM STYLE SHAPE

    Out of the Satellite Beach Shaping Lab of Scott “Butch” Bouchard. Volume delivers push down the line, even on the smallest waves and Butch has combined the volume of the Satellite with an aggressive shape for high end slashing and carving. Drop the trailer fins in for a tighter feel and more push or surf without them for a soulful style session. Run down the line and pop big airs with the Satellite shape, guaranteed shredder and fun for the entire crew.

    Available Sizes:  4.5 , 5.0

    Available for order on-line in South Africa exclusively through

    R14,500.00 Select options