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  • Liquid Force STAR Combo
    Price:  R7,900.00

    Liquid Force STAR Combo

    LF STAR COMBO The Star is a show stopper… Not only will it help your youngsters learn new tricks, but it’ll keep ‘em coming back for more! They won’t let you return to the dock at the end of the day, as they&rsqu...
  • LiquidForce El Guapo
    Price:  R12,500.00

    LiquidForce El Guapo

    ”The handsome new addition to your quiver!” The name says it all... this handsome new mini longboard is all about good looks and style. The full bodied shape and beveled rails allow for smooth effortless rides a...
  • LiquidForce HARLEY GRIND
    Price:  R8,300.00

    LiquidForce HARLEY GRIND

    HARLEY GRIND Whether you’re the best rider on your lake, or simply a weekend warrior, you’ll appreciate all that the HARLEY wakeboard has to offer! When asked how to describe Harley Clifford’s pro model board, the ...
  • LiquidForce ME/Team Combo
    Price:  R13,800.00

    LiquidForce ME/Team Combo

    ABOUT THE BOARD: Megan Ethell's board (ME) is based on the fan favorite Watson Classic board. So it really needs no introduction but we'll go over the basics. Think ultra smooth, fast, and in control and y...
  • LiquidForce MELISSA
    Price:  R7,900.00

    LiquidForce MELISSA

    MELISSA BINDING - BEYOND THE ORDINARY! The Melissa Pro binding is the perfect mix of high performance and high style. The Melissa Pro delivers smooth power for cleaner carving and more confident jumps. Updated with the new Reflex liner y...
  • LiquidForce PLUSH
    Price:  R4,600.00

    LiquidForce PLUSH

    PLUSH The Plush is a super comfortable, super stable and easy to use binding. It is perfect for beginners, intermediates and warrior princesses looking for a smoothly predictable binding that will provide lasting comfort and solid perfor...
Displaying 31 to 36 (of 46 top sellers)
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