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  • LF Trip/Index Combo
    Price:  R9,900.00

    LF Trip/Index Combo

    Liquid Force Trip /Index Boot Combo  We start more people off on the Trip than any other board - and not because its a beginner board!  We put people on it because it is a great board at a great price. &...
  • LifeGuard Straw Hat
    Price:  R695.00

    LifeGuard Straw Hat

    LIFEGUARD STRAW HAT You always need some shade Available Exclusively on-line in SA for order through
  • Padded Surf Sleeve
    Price:  R1,400.00

    Padded Surf Sleeve

    PADDED SURF SLEEVE Designed to fit and protect your Liquid Force Custom Wake Surfers, Fish boards, and Nose riders. These surf sleeves are fully padded and reversible. Don’t let the sun or accidental drops damage your prized posses...
  • Sunset 4
    Price:  R6,900.00

    Sunset 4

    Brand: HO SPORTS
    SUNSET 4 SOFT SHELL TECHNOLOGY = TUBE TILL SUNSET Traditionally, there has been very little difference between round, deck style tubes. You can buy one from any inflatable maker and they're basically al...
  • '15 Blast with HS/RTS
    Price:  R4,500.00

    '15 Blast with HS/RTS

    Brand: none
    BLAST COMBO with HS / RTS RECREATIONAL COMBO SKIS FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY  SIZES(WEIGHT LIMITS): 63"(31-68kg), 67"(49kg and up) Wide Combo shape for easy deep water starts V-Bottom Design for stable tracking Best Sellin...
  • 15" Murray Chamois Handle
    Price:  R1,495.00

    15" Murray Chamois Handle

    Brand: HYPERLITE
    15" MURRAY CHAMOIS HANDLE Foam Buoyancy Plugs (This Handle Floats) Diamond Stitch Pattern Available Exclusive through in South Africa...
Displaying 13 to 18 (of 49 top sellers)
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