• LiquidForce Happy Pill
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    This product was added to our catalog on Monday 16 November, 2015.

    LiquidForce Happy Pill

    Model LiquidForce
    Price:   R10,200.00

“take your dose of the happy pill!”

The HAPPY PILL is here to cure whatever ails you! With a brand new modern construction that is lighter and stronger, this updated version of our most popular surfer is guaranteed to make that perma-grin even wider! The full, round shape makes the board stable and because the board is ridden much shorter than a normal board, it maneuvers on a dime. Snappy turns, airs, and even “toes on the noes” are possible on the HAPPY PILL!

Available Sizes - 4-0 , 4-5 , 4-10

Available exclusively in South Africa for order from


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