Melissa Hybrid


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Melissa Hybrid 

Melissa Marquardt is a trend setter and style master, and her boards have always followed suit… Never afraid to step outside the box, the 2014 MELISSA HYBRID adequately showcases her personality and California vibe once again.  The best women’s rail board on the market can’t be boxed in, as it performs amazingly behind the boat as well!  It features a smooth, yet aggressive Continuous Rockerand our exclusive Grind Base for durability.  What are you waiting for, grab a MELISSSA HYBRID and get shredding!

Precision CNC Wood/PU Core
Triple stringers for snappy flex and response

D-I-S-C Hull through the Center
Double – Inside – Single – Concave – Softens landings and maintains board speed

Variable Edge Rail
Lifted edge through center keeps it catch-free, sharp rail at ends for edge control and response

Triax Glass Layup
Gives increased longitudinal flex with torsional strength

Aggressive, Continuous Rocker
Smooth, fluid carves with a high arcing pop

LF Slider Quad Fin Setup

LF Exclusive GRIND Base

LF Exclusive Liquid Rail

Hybrid Technology

Available sizes 135

Available for order on-line in South Africa exclusively through

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