Exo4 Tube


The EXO4 Tube by HO Sport features innovative lift-assist base delivers an efficient tow by minimizing surface in contact with the water. The result is a quick sliding tube that can be towed by virtually any watercraft. The EXO 4’s compartmentalized seating, soft foam handles, padded knuckle guards and high backrest ensure that you’ll be riding in ultimate comfort.  Space for 4 adults.

Package Includes:

  • EXO 4 Towable Tube
  • “HO Sports 6K” 50′ Watersports Tow Rope
  • 12V Electric Inflator Pump



Exo4 Tube by HO Sport features the exclusive EXO FRAME TECHNOLOGY. 

This utilizes a perimeter ring which provides the same strength as a traditional tube while using less material, making the Exo4 tube lighter and easier to manage. The heavy-duty, snag resistant mesh was designed with both form and function in mind. The mesh windows give the riders the sensation of being closer to the action while the cockpit style seats provide an ergonomic, secure tubing experience for all ages.


  • All new EXO design with mesh perimeter
  • Ergonomic Recessed Cockpit Style Seating
  • Bolstered, Individual Seating Compartments
  • Seating Design Allows Ease of Use for Children and Smaller-Riders
  • Comfort Handles and Padded Knuckle Guards
  • Lift Assist Base Design and Circular Baffles Minimizes Drag for a Faster Ride
  • Made from NanYa 100% Virgin PVC for Unmatched Durability
  • Quick-Connect Tow Rope Attachment
  • 2 HO Boston Valves for Easy Inflation and Deflation
  • 12V Electric Inflator Pump Included (Plugs into 12V Automotive Adaptor or Clips to Boat Battery via Alligator Clips)
  • Non-Stretch 50′ Polyethylene 6K Tow Rope

Click link to watch the Exo 4 Tube In Action

Available for order on-line in South Africa exclusively through www.wakeboards.co.za

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