Byerly Action Wakesurfer


The Byerly Action wakesurfer was spawned in the Byerly R&D Lab in Melbourne Beach Florida fitting perfectly into any surf quiver. Built with our proprietary Dura Shell Construction and EPS Core the Action is super light and very durable. With a completely unqiue 5 fin skim style configuration, the Action is the most customizable skim style board on the market. Run all 5 for a more locked in feel or drop it to 4, 3, well… you get the idea.

Really fast, responsive and able to go from a responsive cruiser with 3-5 fins, ideal for beginner to intermediate riders, down to 2 or a single fin for a high performance skimmer good enough for the OG himself – Scott Byerly. This is Scott’s weapon of choice when shredding the endless wave and you are sure to love it too!

Available Sizes:  54″

Available for order on-line in South Africa exclusively through

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  • Shaped By Scott “Butch” Bouchard
    Every shape in the Byerly line is marked with Shaped by Scott “Butch” Bouchard. Byerly and Butch’s longtime friendship and collaboration has produced some of the most popular shapes in the history of wake. Innovations like 3-Stage rockers and Molded-in fins have all come out of Mr. Bouchard’s shaping room. Each board featured in the Byerly line was created and shaped by hand from a single piece of foam, designed to the exact specifications of the team. Over the years Butch has not only shaped each board but also designed and perfected every construction and lay-up within the line. You can be assured that any Byerly board shaped by Butch is the most progressive product in the industry.
  • Dura-Shell Construction
  • EPS Core
  • Double Lap Lay-Up
  • Minimal Rocker / Dual Concave Base
  • Squash Tail Design
  • Machined EVA Traction Pad
  • Monocoque Construction
    Integrating the top glass and the bottom glass into one. Generating a more durable board on side impacts thus preventing delamination

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