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  • HO Sport Mavericks 3 Tube side view Sport Mavericks 3 Tube on the water

    Mavericks 3 Tube

    The Mavericks 3 Tube by HO Sport is a premium model deck style tube.

    With the HO Sports’ Softshell Technology, now you can tube all day without worrying about the abrasion or “tube rash” that you would get from a traditional nylon covered tube. This new technology is best thing to happen to tubes since the introduction of the nylon cover. Additionally the Mavericks are loaded with features such as a D-shaped profile for more legroom, a tapered design that is thicker in front which makes the tube easier to board from the water and a 3 panel construction that puts the tow attachment at a lower position on the tube resulting in the tube being pulled in an upward direction even from a low tow point.

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