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  • HO Sports FreeMAX Adjustable Rear Toe (ART)HO Sports Hovercraft Slalom Waterski in action

    FreeMAX Adjustable Rear Toe Ski Boot

    The FreeMAX Adjustable Rear Toe Ski Boot (ART) by HO SPORTS employs a Marshmallow Foam Liner for amazing out-of-the-box comfort and pairs great with the freeMAX boot. The ART’s easy to mount and adjust Direct Connect System gives the skier Natural Edge Angle for precise edge control & improved balance. It achieves the industry’s shortest Flex Footprint which virtually eliminates ski flex dead spots so your ski turns as easy as designers intend. The DC system also allows for Micro Adjustment for infinite fore/aft and 7* of rotational adjustment. The Adjustable Rear Toe is also available in the aluminum plated version to fit traditional insert patterns.

    Available  in South Africa exclusively for order through


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