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  • Hyperlite 2020 Shim 5.3 WakesurferHyperlite 2020 Shim 4.7 Wakesurfer

    Hyperlite Wake Shim Wakesurfer

    The Hyperlite Shim wakesurfer is a A SURF STYLE HYBRID DESIGN WITH A SKIM RAIL

    Perfect surfer for intermediate to advanced riders looking to take their skills to the next level. The Shim has a fast rocker allowing it to carry speed anywhere on the curl and its shorter profile makes it super maneuverable for rotational and air tricks. This new shape also features our DuraShell Technology which combines the buoyancy and feel of a high-end EPS board and the durability of a compression molded shape. Overall, this new board is the best of all worlds and one that a wakesurf enthusiast can’t pass up.

    Available for order on-line in South Africa exclusively through

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  • Hyperlite 2020 Byerly Action Wakesurferhyperlite-byerly-action-wakesurf-board-2020-2_1_

    Byerly Action Wakesurfer

    The Byerly Action wakesurfer was spawned in the Byerly R&D Lab in Melbourne Beach Florida fitting perfectly into any surf quiver. Built with our proprietary Dura Shell Construction and EPS Core the Action is super light and very durable. With a completely unqiue 5 fin skim style configuration, the Action is the most customizable skim style board on the market. Run all 5 for a more locked in feel or drop it to 4, 3, well… you get the idea.

    Really fast, responsive and able to go from a responsive cruiser with 3-5 fins, ideal for beginner to intermediate riders, down to 2 or a single fin for a high performance skimmer good enough for the OG himself – Scott Byerly. This is Scott’s weapon of choice when shredding the endless wave and you are sure to love it too!

    Available Sizes:  54″

    Available for order on-line in South Africa exclusively through

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  • Hyperlite 2020 Hi-Fi Wakesurferhyperlite-hi-fi-wakesurf-board-2020-3

    Hyperlite Hi-Fi Wakesurfer

    The Hyperlite Hi-Fi wakesurfer is a premier Skim Style Surfer

    Wakesurf fans rejoice, Noah Flegel delivers Hyperlite’s first true Skim Style shape, the Hi-Fi. Working together with shaper Aaron Stumpf, Hyperlite has created a fast, poppy and easy to spin shape that has Noah vying for the top spot in every competition he enters. Built with the exclusive DuraShell construction, the Hi-Fi can take a beating while delivering a lightweight and responsive ride. Top it off with a fully machined EVA traction pad and surf with all the control necessary to pull off the most difficult tricks.

    Available for order on-line in South Africa exclusively through

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  • Hyperlite 2020 Quad Wakesurfer

    Hyperlite Quad Wakesurfer

    The Hyperlite Quad wakesurfer is equipped with removable foot straps. The Quad can handle the big boys, both sizes, and even stay ahead of smaller waves, but the shape is so responsive you’ll have a blast learning 360s and popping airs. Utilizing our exclusive DuraShell construction, this shape is lightweight while being durable and dent resistant. Add our fully machined EVA traction pad and you have the necessary control for the best of sets. Utilize the QUAD’s foot straps for spins and flips or for getting first time surfers into the wave with ease.

    Available Sizes:  4’11”

    Available for order on-line in South Africa exclusively through

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  • Hyperlite Shim Surfer 5.3"Hyperlite Shim Surfer 4.7"

    Hyperlite Shim Surfer

    Brian Grubb’s signature model, the versatile The Hyperlite Shim Surfer shims the gap between skim and surf styles with its tri-fin design, mellow channel tail and grabby rails. All this combined with a sturdy Durashell construction creates a speedy ripping ride that is no stranger to wild airs and poppy shuvs. 

    Available Sizes: 4.7″ & 5.3″

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  • Byerly Buzz Wakesurfer

    Byerly Buzz Wakesurfer

    Created to bridge the gap between skim and surf style boards. The Byerly Buzz wakesurfer was created to bridge the gap between skim and surf style boards giving you the best of both worlds. The shape was crafted by Butch to be the fastest, most maneuverable board in the Byerly surf line-up.

    Available Size:  5.2

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