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  • 2G


    2G - 2 DIFFERENT TOWING OPTIONS MORE FUN FOR YOUR MONEY HO is proud to introduce the modular 2G towable. Grab a buddy and...
    Model : 2G
    Brand : HO SPORTS
    Price:  R7,900.00
  • 3G


    3G - 2 DIFFERENT TOWING OPTIONS ROOM FOR UP TO 3 ADULTS OR 4 KIDS HO is proud to introduce the modular 3G towable, update...
    Model : 3G
    Brand : HO SPORTS
    Price:  R8,900.00
  • 4G


    4G - 2 DIFFERENT TOWING OPTIONS ROOM FOR UP TO 4 ADULTS OR 5 KIDS HO is proud to introduce the modular 4G towab...
    Model : 4G
    Brand : HO SPORTS
    Price:  R9,750.00
  • 70FT Fuse Wake Rope

    70FT Fuse Wake Rope

    70Ft Fuse MainLine Wakeboard Rope The Fuse Mainline offers an alternative to the coated line that is more affordable while still providing a non-stretch main...
    Model : 70FT Fuse Wa
    Brand : HO SPORTS
    Price:  R1,500.00
  • 80FT A-Line Wake Rope

    80FT A-Line Wake Rope

    80Ft A-Line Wakeboard Rope The line of choice for the Hyperlite Pro Team, the coated Accurate 80Ft A-Line Wakeboard Rope won’t let you down...
    Model : 80FT A-Line
    Brand : HO SPORTS
    Price:  R1,800.00
  • Bali iLand

    Bali iLand

    BALI iLAND - NOW THE WHOLE FAMILY CAN WALK ON WATER! The flagship of our new iLAND collection, the Bali will be the epicenter of...
    Model : Bali iLand
    Brand : HO SPORTS
    Price:  R25,000.00
  • BurnerPRO Combo Skis

    BurnerPRO Combo Skis

    BURNER PRO COMBO SKIS HIGH PERFORMANCE COMBO SKIS SIZES(WEIGHT LIMITS): 67"(69kg and up) • With size specific freeMAX slalom boot for comfort a...
    Model : BurnerPRO Co
    Brand : HO SPORTS
    Price:  R8,900.00
  • CX


    HO 2014 CX SLALOM SKI Speed Skin: advanced laminar textured ski base for reduced ski drag and increased ski speed Acceleration Flex: automatic tur...
    Model : CX
    Brand : HO SPORTS
    Price:  R9,000.00
  • CX


    2015 HO CX SLALOM SKI - SYNDICATE PERFORMANCE WITH FREERIDE EFFICIENCY Machined Polyurethane Core: 20% lighter than traditional foam core skis Clea...
    Model : CX
    Brand : HO SPORTS
    Price:  R10,500.00
  • CX Slalom Ski

    CX Slalom Ski

    CX SLALOM SKI - PERFORMANCE & EFFICIENCY Clean Edge Tail - From the heel of the back foot through the tail for added efficiency by reducing drag by 50...
    Model : CX Slalom Sk
    Brand : HO SPORTS
    Price:  R12,000.00
  • Fiji iLand

    Fiji iLand

    FIJI iLAND - NOW YOU CAN WALK ON WATER! HO Sports is proud to introduce the Fiji, part of our new iLAND collection. The Fiji is 8&...
    Model : Fiji iLand
    Brand : HO SPORTS
    Price:  R19,900.00
  • Formula 3

    Formula 3

    FORMULA 3 - THE FORMULA FOR FUN  Secure, cockpit style seating - especially popular with children Room for up to 3 adults - 510 lbs. recommended ca...
    Model : Formula 3
    Brand : HO SPORTS
    Price:  R7,500.00
  • FreeMax ARTP

    FreeMax ARTP

    The HO Adjustable Rear Toe water ski binding now feature the direct connect mounting system. The adjustable toe strap allows the user to tighten the binding to ...
    Model : FreeMax ARTP
    Brand : HO SPORTS
    Price:  R3,500.00
  • FreeMax Ski Boot

    FreeMax Ski Boot

    The HO freeMax water ski bindings are a part of HO's all new lineup that features the direct mounting system. The Freemax boot is perfect for the freeride s...
    Model : FreeMax Ski
    Brand : HO SPORTS
    Price:  R3,500.00


    2015 HO FREERIDE  SLALOM SKI - ANY BOAT, ANY SPEED, ANY WATER CONDITION Clean Edge Technology for 50% less drag than conventional skis. Allows f...
    Model : FREERIDE
    Brand : HO SPORTS
    Price:  R8,000.00
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