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  • AJ Boot

    AJ Boot

    AJ - JIMMY LA RICHE SIGNATURE MODEL Jimmy LaRiche spent a lot of time thinking about how to create the perfect boot for his style. Designing something th...
    Model : AJ Boot
    Brand : HYPERLITE
    Price:  R5,200.00
  • Boat Bumpers

    Boat Bumpers

    HYPERLITE BOAT BUMPERS Available in 2 sizes - 7.5 x 22 AND 9 x 27 Available Exclusively on-line in SA for order through
    Model : Boat Bumpers
    Brand : HYPERLITE
    Price:  R495.00
  • HL Franchise FLX

    HL Franchise FLX

    FRANCHISE FLX - JIMMY LA RICHE SIGNATURE MODEL Our franchise player has focused his sights on cable domination. Jimmy LaRiche has inspire...
    Model : HL Franchise
    Brand : HYPERLITE
    Price:  R9,000.00
  • HL Kruz Bio

    HL Kruz Bio

    KRUZ BIO RUSTY MALINOSKI SIGNATURE MODEL All the shape features Rusty demanded, built with the addition of CarboNetX and Bio 3. Few W...
    Model : HL Kruz Bio
    Brand : HYPERLITE
    Price:  R11,400.00
  • HL Milkcart

    HL Milkcart

    THE MILKCART - NICK DAVIES SIGNATURE MODEL  Confidence in control and shaped for the true cable rider, smashing air tricks and f...
    Model : HL Milkcart
    Brand : HYPERLITE
    Price:  R9,800.00
  • HL PBJ

    HL PBJ

    PBJ - FULL E-CORE PARK BOARD The PBJ is so smooth and tasty you can have it every day of the week. Slash, Slay and Play at its best. FINS: ...
    Model : HL PBJ
    Brand : HYPERLITE
    Price:  R6,300.00
  • HL Relapse

    HL Relapse

    JD WEBB SIGNATURE MODEL - THE RELAPSE JD has upped his game and his riding speaks for itself, but we know it's the Relapse that h...
    Model : HL Relapse
    Brand : HYPERLITE
    Price:  R10,300.00
  • HL Remix

    HL Remix

    REMIX BINDING - COMFORT FOR FEET, VALUE FOR ALL No Nonsense Function and Comfort. Solid traditional design. The Remix boot is a suppo...
    Model : HL Remix
    Brand : HYPERLITE
    Price:  R6,300.00
  • HL Socialite

    HL Socialite

    socialite  Setting new standards for Women's Park Riding. Standout from the rest, get ready to be in the spotlight.  FEATURES ...
    Model : HL Socialite
    Brand : HYPERLITE
    Price:  R9,000.00
  • HL State2.0

    HL State2.0

    THE STATE 2.0 - ASYMMETRICAL ALL ABILITY LEVEL SHAPE Advancing your skills quicker with advanced shape technology. A complete entry l...
    Model : HL State2.0
    Brand : HYPERLITE
    Price:  R7,500.00


    TEAM CLOSED TOE - SHAUN MURRAY INSPIRED When asked to build the perfect all around boot we answered with the Team. If you're a seaso...
    Model : HL TEAM CT
    Brand : HYPERLITE
    Price:  R6,800.00


    TEAM OPEN TOE - SHAUN MURRAY INSPIRED The Team Open Toe was built for a rider looking for the feel and functionality of a supportive mid flex b...
    Model : HL TEAM OT
    Brand : HYPERLITE
    Price:  R6,300.00
Displaying 1 to 15 (of 36 products)
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